Travel Management Companies

HotelHub delivers value for TMCs by consolidating their GDS and non-GDS hotel content into a single platform. With over 1,000,000+ hotels accessible in HotelHub, TMCs can offer their customers a wide range of hotels with rates from multiple suppliers including major OTAs.


Why TMCs choose HotelHub

The benefits

HotelHub allows travel management companies to grow their share of hotel volume strategically and more efficiently from a complex and fragmented supplier base. This yields higher returns for all as value is created for both customers and suppliers.

Delivering operational efficiencies

HotelHub provides accurate and comprehensive information first time, including corporate travel policy and negotiated hotel rates. This reduces operating costs through efficiency and ease of use of the system, eliminating most manual tasks involved with hotel bookings. Managing negotiated allotments, rates and various merchant models as well as a streamlined bill-back processes is made easy using HotelHub.

HotelHub provides better management information than any other system, both for travel management companies and for their clients. This helps deliver compliance with travel policies and reduction of hotel expenditure. Additionally, HotelHub provides booking activity and productivity measures to enable you to manage your resources in the most optimal manner.

An end-to-end commercial value proposition

With large number of hotels bookings bypassing the TMCs, a comprehensive hotel booking solution affords agencies an opportunity to grow the hotel business from existing customers.

HotelHub allows you to build a strong hotel service value proposition for your customers. It is designed to be seamlessly integrated with your end-to-end one-stop-shop proposition and helps you win, retain, and build customer relationships by driving a greater share of their hotel expenditure through your agency.

Growing and managing your hotel volumes in turn supports stronger supplier relationships, and HotelHub does not conflict in any way with your hotel or distribution channel commercial models. Rather, HotelHub enhances the proposition for your customers and suppliers – a win-win strategy. In addition to being able to control the point of sale display and promote preferred suppliers, HotelHub allows you to manage the channels used to book hotels and drive down costs.

TMCs continue to benefit from their GDS agreements with HotelHub as all bookings are created in the agency PNRs. For non-GDS content, TMCs retain 100% of all commission revenue.

Leading edge technology

HotelHub provides a seamlessly integrated platform, working with GDS systems, self-booking tools, content providers and back office systems, profile systems, itinerary systems, MI systems, invoicing systems and other applications that benefit from integration. The team at HotelHub is your technology partner, working flexibly with you, and understanding and delivering your technology needs now and in the future.

HotelHub provides a robust and secure up-to-date technology solution using a software-as-a-service model, with a clear development pathway to further improve the functionality and services delivered. Our connectivity to hotels supports the latest Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standards, as well as adapting to hotel content providers bespoke interfaces.

How HotelHub works for TMCs

All HotelHub content, GDS and non-GDS, is delivered in an integrated display to assist agents in choosing hotel rates from all the alternatives available. HotelHub enables seamless bookings while guiding agents to preferred suppliers for the customer or agency and ensuring corporate travel policy compliance.

All forms of hotel guarantee and payment methods are supported including bill-back, virtual credit cards, credit agreements with hotels or with aggregators, prepaid and pay on departure.

All bookings created and processed are held in a unique HotelHub record or ‘Super PNR’ , irrespective of the supplier used for the booking. That record holds full details and history of the booking made and can be retrieved for future amendments, changes or audit.

The booking records can be sent to customers mid and back offices for accounting, commission collection and invoicing purposes. This transaction data can be sent as XML or delimited text files.

Additional services

A number of additional services are available from Travel Centric Technology to enhance the integration and the optimal use of your HotelHub solution:
  • Desktop integrator is a component that is installed on the agent desktop and ensures seamless integration with HotelHub. Desktop integrator directs agents to use HotelHub for all your agency’s hotel bookings and facilitates this process by prep-populating HotelHub with trip details.
  • ProfileHub allows you to synchronise traveller profiles held in the GDS and HotelHub. It also gives you a central proprietary repository for traveller profiles which can be accessed using a web-based application.
  • BillBack Payment/Chargeback is supported through HotelHub. This provides an efficient method of paying hotels and improves the matching and reconciliation process.
  • Hotel Vouchers can be set-up and customized to your business needs. These are automated and localised in order to enhance the communication with hotels or travellers, and eliminates the need for the TMC to manually issue these vouchers again from the Mid or Back office system.

Any hotel. Anywhere. Anytime

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