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HotelHub Vs. TravelPerk – Which One is Right for You?

There’s a compromise to make when you choose travel management software.

All-in-one travel management tools – like Travelperk – let you manage flights, ground transfers, hotels, expenses, and the whole itinerary, in one platform.

But they do so at the expense of control, which can make certain aspects more difficult for Travel Managers.

Best-in-class tools, on the other hand, do one job exceptionally well – and HotelHub is focused on hotel bookings.

Best-in-class tools can empower Travel Managers to do more productive work in one area, giving them full control over individual aspects of their business. This often comes at the expense of usability and context-switching – but by integrating many tools, via API, into the process, the impact of this can be limited. 

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In this post, we’ll compare HotelHub to TravelPerk, to see where features overlap, and what each platform can offer to different organisations.

HotelHub Vs. TravelPerk

Before we compare the features on TravelPerk and HotelHub, it’s important to make a clear distinction between who these platforms are aimed at.

HotelHub is for TMCs exclusively. It is intended to be part of a technology stack made up of best-in-class tools, in order to extract the maximum possible value from the TMC’s hotel strategy, increase hotel attachment, and create the best experience for their corporate clients.

Travelperk, on the other hand, is aimed at corporates who employ their own Travel Managers. It’s an all-in-one tool to manage all aspects of travel internally, without having to use a TMC. It won’t necessarily maximise efficiency, as so many best-in-class tools would overlap (and overtake) its capabilities, but it offers a starting point.

Okay – now, let’s compare the tools as they stand.


Both HotelHub and TravelPerk run a secure, Cloud-based platform that runs in a web browser. Both have mobile apps on iOS and Android – and both platforms are API enabled.

Android and iPhone app
API integrations

Booking options

At first glance, HotelHub looks to be limited in scope – but remember that HotelHub is for hotel bookings only and has special features not available in generic travel management software (more on this next).

Car rentals
Ground transfers
Group bookings
Multi-destination booking

Hotel-specific booking options

HotelHub is unique, in that it allows non-GDS bookings to be made, managed, reported and tracked. This opens HotelHub to rates from, Expedia, and 30+ additional sources (find out more about the tech behind HotelHub). HotelHub can be customised, on request, to work with other non-GDS sources.

Make GDS hotel bookings
Make non-GDS bookings✅⚠️
Hotel reshopping✅(via Rate Optimiser)

TravelPerk also offers non-GDS bookings, but they do not publicly list the OTAs they facilitate beyond or Expedia.

HotelHub also offers an AI-assisted hotel reshopping tool, Rate Optimiser, as an add-on. Rate Optimiser can automatically find better rates, rebook the new rate and cancel the old one – without the Agent having to expend any effort at all.

Travel management (hotel)

Both platforms offer in-depth management and virtual card payments, as well as self-service apps for travellers.

Itinerary management
Booking management
Approval workflow
Receipt management
Spend controls
Virtual card integrations
Self-service apps


Both platforms offer extensive reporting and dashboards. TravelPerk’s users (and their bosses) are likely to be more concerned with overall performance than deep-diving into each element, such as hotel attachment.

But this is a major KPI for TMCs.

HotelHub technologies enable hotel strategy at TMCs, and flight to hotel attachment can be doubled through the platform. HotelHub gives TMCs control of the hotel distribution ecosystem, by defragmenting it and allowing them to offer better rates and efficiency. 

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HotelHub’s analytics and reporting make previously unknown data on hotel bookings available, finally allowing TMCs to prove the value of their hotel strategy.

Can HotelHub work with all-in-one tools to improve hotel strategy?

Yes – HotelHub’s API and deep integration features allow it to communicate with all kinds of platforms. We’ve built HotelHub knowing that the travel technology landscape is fragmented, and we’ve always sought to make it easier to combine different tools.

HotelHub is ready to work with other tools out of the gate – thanks to the HotelHub API. We’re constantly improving it, to enable more integrations with every release.

This allows our customers to build their technology stack at their own pace, starting with the convenience of all-in-ones, and bolting on the rich features that HotelHub offers for hotel bookings. And because HotelHub’s API is designed to scale, it can grow with TMCs’ toolkits – forming part of a specialised tech stack that optimises every element of the business.

Which should you choose?

It depends on your business. HotelHub is hotel-only, and is made for TMCs – specifically those that want to strengthen their hotel offering.

It was made with the challenges faced by TMCs in mind.

TravelPerk is a generalist tool for companies, aimed at cutting out TMCs altogether. It offers a starting point for everything an internal Travel team needs – and while many large companies use it, it is perhaps a gateway to bespoke travel technology; one that will need to be augmented with other tools as the business grows.

So if you’re a smaller company, without a TMC, and need a start in managing your travel – TravelPerk is a great option.

If you’re a TMC in need of a bespoke solution for maximising efficiency and hotel attachment – HotelHub is for you.

We’re always developing HotelHub to be better for our existing and onboarding customers – so if there’s anything you want to know about how HotelHub can enhance your business travel, ask us here.

Optimise corporate hotel bookings – with HotelHub

HotelHub is the world’s most advanced hotel booking software for TMCs. Our unique platform makes hotel booking for corporate clients easier than ever before, and lets TMCs maximise the return from their hotel strategy.

For more information about HotelHub’s hotel booking technology, or to schedule a demo, get in touch.