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Rebooting Business Travel – How Hotel Booking Tech Can Debug Buyers’ Travel Programmes

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Alongside managing the return to travel, duty of care, traveller wellbeing and sustainability ranked amongst travel managers’ chief priorities heading into 2022.

You’ve spent months vetting lodging suppliers to align with your ESG objectives, establishing service level agreements and negotiating inclusive rates to improve trip quality and travel experience.

But if out-of-policy hotel bookings still plague your travel programme, the answer could lie in your TMC’s booking technology.

Duty of Care

Centralised travel information is vital for traveller visibility and duty of care. One of the main reasons business travellers book out-of-channel hotel stays is because they have access to richer content and better rates online than through a designated travel management partner.

Using a hotel booking technology that consolidates multi-channel content and rates into a single integrated platform puts your TMC on a level playing field.

Delivering this content consistently, both offline and online via API to your business’s preferred online booking tool, further reduces the likelihood of rogue bookings.

Additionally, growing demand for personalisation is being met by advanced AI and machine learning capabilities. Sophisticated booking technologies not only anticipate overnight opportunities but proactively serve TMC consultants relevant, in-policy hotel options based on your travellers’ booking preferences.

Traveller Wellbeing

Technology that provides your TMC with richer content offers benefits for traveller wellbeing, too. Better content means TMC agents can quickly and easily recommend hotel options with amenities best suited to travellers’ wellness needs.

Integrating information on enhanced hygiene protocols and health and safety certifications further boosts traveller reassurance and your business’s ability to deliver on its wellbeing objectives.


Rate volatility is making the traditional RFP increasingly redundant. From a sustainability perspective, however, RFPs offer travel managers an opportunity to identify suppliers that align with their corporate’s ESG objectives.

But that’s only part of the equation. You still need to be able to effectively drive bookings to those properties. That’s where your TMC’s choice of hotel booking technology becomes important.

Being able to preference suppliers means you can prioritise ESG-aligned properties.

And, with travel managers increasingly looking at responsible sourcing, the pressure is on TMCs and their technology to be able to configure any direct suppliers, such as smaller, eco-conscious properties and social enterprises, into their booking platform.

HotelHub provides TMCs with simple, secure, seamless hotel technology to meet their corporate clients’ travel sourcing requirements. Supporting some of the world’s leading travel management companies, HotelHub’s smart tech delivers unparalleled efficiencies, choice and automation of corporate hotel bookings.

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