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The implementation of HotelHub into our business represented a step-change in our ability to provide industry-leading hotel content to our customers, both online and offline. Read more

- David Chappell | Head of Technology


Wide Choice of Hotels

1,000,000+ hotels and growing everyday

HotelHub allows you to book any hotel anywhere at any time. With over 1,000,000+ unique hotels, HotelHub has one of the world’s most comprehensive hotel databases.

HotelHub aggregates your GDS and non-GDS content into one system making it easy to compare rates from multiple sources and make all hotel bookings with great efficiency.

In addition to your GDS and non-GDS content, the HotelHub Extranet enables you to directly manage private rate contracts and room allocations. An integrated workflow assists agents in booking offline hotels seamlessly and as easily as booking online rates.


Faster Search

Enhanced filtering and comparison enables selective decision

Finding the right hotel in the right location at the right price couldn’t be any easier with HotelHub. HotelHub features over 11 million destinations and a fully integrated map search makes finding the right hotel only a few clicks away.

In addition to advanced price range filter functionality, customers can filter results by chain, star rating, location or facilities.


Improved Productivity

Efficient operations drive real-time performance and savings

HotelHub seamlessly integrates with the agent’s working environment. HotelHub can read the PNR in the agent’s GDS workspace and prepopulate the hotel booking with the traveller profile, travel dates and locations. This minimises repetition by the agent, ensures accuracy and delivers an efficient workflow by reducing the time an agent spends on booking hotels. For non-GDS hotel bookings, HotelHub provides substantial productivity benefits.

We will work with you to ensure HotelHub is implemented in a seamless manner and help all parties optimise the booking process – eliminating costs from inefficient and outdated processes.


Revenue Optimization

The Value Proposition

HotelHub gives you visibility of rates across multiple distributors enabling you to obtain the best price available for a hotel.

Easy comparison of real-time rates with customer and agency negotiated contracts gives you data to optimise supplier relationships and ensure contractual efficiency. Our comprehensive data capture allows you to closely monitor and track commission income.


Control and Compliance

Easy and effective travel policy management

HotelHub helps you to gain complete control over automating travel policy implementation. It displays policy compliant hotels with individual preferences, as well highlighting preferred hotels and price caps by destination.

HotelHub can manage advanced pre-trip travel approval workflow to ensure policy adherence and helps you implement, optimise and monitor travel budgets efficiently. Additionally, HotelHub monitors supplier compliance in honouring customer negotiated contracts to ensure policy goals are met effectively.


Cloud Based System

Book hotels from any device and any system

HotelHub is cloud based system that means agents and travellers can book hotels from any system or device. Whether an agent books a hotel on the GDS or a traveller books via a mobile device or a self-booking tool, all transactions are easily accessible for support and reporting.

HotelHub offers a 99.9% uptime and eliminates IT and upgrade costs as no application needs to be preinstalled. Our SLAs offer a highly scalable and resilient platform with actively tested BCP and DR to ensure peace of mind for our customers.

Any hotel. Anywhere. Anytime

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