Traveller Booking Tool

Put booking power in the hands of your travellers.

Give your travellers the option to make their own hotel reservations using the fastest, simplest online booking tool on the market – all while keeping tight control of policy.


HotelHub’s traveller booking tool allows your travellers flexibility while maintaining standardised procurement, booking and payment processes. With powerful booking tech at their fingertips, your customers won’t go anywhere else.

Controlled content access

A gateway to more than 2 million hotels around the world, the traveller booking tool can be configured to show approved hotels, negotiated rates and even offline allocations through your preferred inventory channels.

Informed decision making

Travellers can count on a wealth of information to choose the right hotels. There’s detailed descriptions, quick-glance amenity icons, access to traveller reviews and even functionality to map hotels to office locations.

Making complex processes simple.

Helpful integrations

HotelHub’s traveller booking tool can be easily integrated into intranets, expense management or HR systems to streamline end-to-end management of the traveller’s journey and expedite admin processes after their trip.

Easy travel-policy compliance

With policy compliance integrated and the option to build in levels of approval, you can ensure travellers are booking hotels that meet company policy, while maintaining oversight of where they’re staying in the interest of duty of care.

Provide expert support

The tool combines traveller autonomy with peace of mind. Agents can always access and adjust traveller-made bookings to give that extra level of support when travel plans change or unexpected circumstances arise.

Why our clients love the traveller booking tool.

Easy-to-use interface to make speedy bookings

Boosts adherence to company travel policy

Users can make bookings for themselves or others

Peace of mind that travellers can always be located and supported


Frequently asked questions.

The HotelHub agency tool is specifically designed for TMC agents and gives wider control of bookings. The traveller booking tool is a simplified version of this which you can provide to your clients to allow travellers to make their own bookings.

Yes, agents can access traveller-made bookings to ensure full support can be provided and can modify or cancel these in line with the terms and conditions of the booking.

Yes, the traveller booking tool can be configured to show your preferred content.

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