Agency Booking Tool

Corporate hotel booking,

HotelHub’s agency booking tool is everything a TMC needs to book hotels for multiple clients, streamlining workflows to give you greater choice and improved productivity.

Lightning-fast reservations

With your entire hotel content stack in one platform and rates from all channels clearly displayed side by side, you can quickly and easily make an informed choice, selecting the best rates for your clients every time.

Easy travel policy adhesion

Make out-of-policy booking a thing of the past. With the flexibility to configure multiple travel policies, the HotelHub agency booking tool makes compliance a breeze by listing client- and agency-preferred rates first and highlighting in-policy rates.

Maximum supplier revenue

Greater hotel attachment means greater returns. With HotelHub, you retain all of your GDS incentives and 100% of your commissions from other hotel supliers. And with every booking captured automatically, you’ll have all the data you need when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Making complex processes simple.


Our agency booking tool offers a simple and intuitive user experience meaning very little training - and no knowledge of complex commands - is required. Once deployed, you can get booking straight away.

No duplicated properties

HotelHub’s intelligent tech de-duplicates hotel results to ensure each property is only listed once, regardless of any slight name variations across channels so you always know you’re booking the right hotel.

Rich hotel information

Everything you need to know about a hotel is at your fingertips. From map views to guest reviews and amenities, you never need to navigate away from the platform to find what you’re looking for.

Why our clients love the agency booking tool.

Powerful AI curates personalised results for each traveller

Flexible filter options help pinpoint the perfect hotel

Automatic PNR updates mean nothing is missed

More than 2 million hotels available across the globe


Frequently asked questions.

There is no limit to the number of users you can add to HotelHub.

Yes, providing the terms and conditions of the booking and/or the content provider allows it.

There are over 2.5 million properties listed on HotelHub, including everything from hotels and motels to serviced apartments and BnBs.

Yes, both corporate and agency rates can be configured in HotelHub and will be displayed in order of your preference.

Yes, both corporate and agency rates can be configured in HotelHub and will be displayed in order of your preference.

Yes, out-of-policy bookings can be made with a reason code attached.

Yes, hotel visibility can be restricted at a channel, chain or individual level.

Yes, if the content provider allows group bookings. In most cases, groups of up to 9 pax can be booked.

Yes, one-off bookings can be made for guest profiles.

Hotelhub’s allocation manager allows you to upload and manage any allotments

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