Rate Optimiser

Secure the best room rate for your travellers every time. Effortlessly.

Eliminate time-consuming price checks

Manually checking prices and re-booking rooms takes up valuable time. That’s why we’ve created Rate Optimiser – a flexible and fully automated re-shopping tool for travel management companies. It dynamically tracks hotel rates and lets you know when a better rate becomes available for an existing booking.

Find the rate that's best for you

Rate Optimiser uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to seek out the optimum rates for your travellers based on preferences. Whether you’re looking for additional room amenities, room upgrades at the same price or rates with higher commission, you can set client-specific business rules in Rate Optimiser to cover a range of criteria.

Control your notifications

When a better rate becomes available before the cancellation deadline, Rate Optimiser sends you an alert through email or browser notifications. You can set the frequency of notifications to ensure you never miss a great rate without the alerts becoming a distraction.

Reduce manual
re-booking processes

With the built-in re-booking feature enabled, all you have to do is click to confirm the new rate offered and Rate Optimiser takes care of everything else. It automatically creates the new booking, cancels the original reservation, updates the PNR and sends an email notification to the agent and traveller.

Gain valuable insights to support your strategies

Rate Optimiser’s comprehensive monthly report compiles all the data for you in an easy-to-use format. Displaying all the successful re-bookings, savings achieved and missed opportunities, this information can be further filtered by hotel chain, brand and property.

Why our clients love rate optimiser.

Better rooms and rates

Find better rooms at better rates – with minimal effort.


Cancelling and rebooking admin is taken care of automatically.

Customised notifications

Receive as many or as few notifications as you like.

Unbeatable savings

Savings of over $1.5 million dollars/month achieved.

Frequently asked questions.

On average, Rate Optimiser users save $100 USD per booking. 

As much or as little as you like. Rate Optimiser can be fully automated so that it starts working as soon as a booking is made and can be configured so that as soon as an agent accepts a new rate, the new booking and cancellation of the previous booking are made without any further intervention.

Rate Optimiser works on a monthly subscription fee based on your requirements. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs for a more detailed quote.

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