The game-changer you need for corporate hotel bookings

Booking hotels has always proved challenging for TMCS. Disjointed systems, time-consuming processes and incomplete data often contribute to a business area that can struggle to prove return on investment. But it doesn’t have to be this way… 

Meet HotelHub and its game-changing
solutions for TMCs.

Too many hotels too little time?
All your hotel channels in one place

Too many hotels, too little time?

All your hotel channels in one place.

With HotelHub, finding the right hotel is just a few clicks away. You no longer need to hop from platform to platform as it connects to all the GDS and non-GDS sources you use and presents the options in one easy-to-compare view.

Overwhelmed by travel policies?

In-policy rates highlighted first.

HotelHub makes it simple to configure each client’s preferences and then curates search results to show in-policy rates first, guaranteeing satisfied customers.

Overwhelmed by travel policies?
In-policy rates highlighted first
Losing track of bookings?
Every reservation captured

Losing track of bookings?

Every reservation captured.

HotelHub provides a single source of truth for all bookings with hotel segments automatically added to the PNR so you have full visibility of all bookings made, regardless of the channel.

Lacking negotiating power?

Influential data insights.

HotelHub’s reporting and analytics gives you a clear picture of bookings, revenue and commissions making sure you’re in the best position possible to negotiate terms.

Lacking negotiating power?
Influential data insights
Understaffed and time-poor?
User-friendly time saving tech

Understaffed and time-poor?

User-friendly, time-saving tech.

Not only does HotelHub drastically cut the amount of time it takes to make a hotel reservation, but its simple, intuitive interface is easy to use, without needing to learn complex commands.

Discover HotelHub’s features.


Everything a TMC needs for hotel bookings

Traveller Booking

Give travellers the flexibility to book their own hotels


Create and manage your own allocation inventory

Payments & Revenue

Simplify payments, track revenue and optimise ROI


Save money on bookings
at the touch of a button


Turn any application into a hotel booking platform


Consolidate your hotel booking
tech stack

Tech you can trust

HotelHub is 100% cloud based and hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the world’s most trusted cloud solution.

With ISO certification and strict data security, Hotel Hub is compliance-ready for the USA, UK, EU and beyond.

Countless customisation

We know that every travel management company is unique – that’s why we don’t offer an off-the-shelf solution. Every HotelHub project is custom built to our client’s requirements.

From the external branding to the nitty gritty of travel policies, rate mark-ups and workflow structures, HotelHub offers extensive configuration options, so you can count on the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

All your hotel content in one easy-to-compare format

HotelHub integrates with all major GDS and non-GDS content sources.

Why is HotelHub different?

HotelHub’s mission is to solve the pain points of selling hotels for travel management companies.

As corporate travel experts, we understand that the industry is challenged by fragmented systems.

We have dedicated our tech expertise to creating smart solutions that eliminate inefficiencies.

As a result, we empower TMCs with systems that optimise productivity and boost their bottom line.

Example testimonial eg Our sales team generated an additional 25% revenue within the first year of using HotelHub.

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