Payments & Revenue Management

Tools designed to enhance your bottom line.

HotelHub makes it easy to keep on top of your finances at every stage of a booking and make the most of revenue-making opportunities.

Enable easy, secure payments

However your travellers want to pay, preferred payment options can be easily configured. HotelHub supports all payment modes, from corporate and agency billback to integrations with major virtual card providers.

Maximise income generation

HotelHub’s flexible configuration options are designed so that you can take a strategic approach to selling hotels. Drive more high-value bookings by promoting preferred properties, creating rate mark-ups and filtering out squatter rates. 

Keep a tight handle on finances

Comprehensive invoice and billing feeds are generated within HotelHub and can be directed into your accounting and expense management systems, streamlining your financial management and ensuring you have everything captured.

Making complex processes simple.

Retain incentives
and commission

HotelHub is completely neutral when it comes to your commercial agreements with suppliers. Integrations with content providers are made under your agency’s licence so you keep 100% of incentives and commissions.

currency conversion

When you’re handling global accounts in multiple currencies, it can be easy to make a conversion error, but with HotelHub’s in-built conversion you can easily change currencies to verify the amount without leaving the platform.

performance insights

HotelHub’s detailed reporting lets you track everything, from hotel volumes and attachment rates to savings, commissions and revenue, meaning you can actively monitor your hotel strategy and goals versus real-world performance.

Why our clients love the
payment & revenue management tools.

Easy to set up different payment types for different clients

Flexible reports to track the KPIs that matter most

Seamless integration with accounting and expense software

All financial information captured in a single source of truth


Frequently asked questions.

HotelHub can connect to your preferred mid- and back-office tools to give you full oversight of payments and revenue.

HotelHub captures commission details in its raw data feed which you can use for your own tracking or feed into commission tracking software.

HotelHub’s data feed refreshes once a day so reports will be based on the previous day and earlier.

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