HotelHub API

Create your own hotel booking ecosystem.

HotelHub’s API provides a highly scalable and stable interface to connect multiple sources of hotel content to your preferred booking app.

Stateless, simple and secure

Built in REST 2.0 with no schema dependency, HotelHub’s API has been developed in a microservices architecture and can be easily integrated with your unique system.

Develop and deploy with confidence

Comprehensive technical documentation and guides are on hand to assist your developers, while our sandbox environment allows them to test and analyse features before implementation.

All-in-one hotel bookings

With a single API, you can integrate hotel content from multiple sources – including GDS, OTAs and hotel bed banks – with travel policies, supplier preferencing, rate categorisation and payments for an end-to-end booking experience.

Why our clients love the HotelHub API.

Booking modifications and on-demand bookings enabled

Allows multi-guest and multi-room bookings

Simple version controls for stress-free releases

Fast response times for optimum customer experience


Frequently asked questions.

The HotelHub API can connect to any application of your choosing such as agent applications, booking tools and mobile apps.

Yes – get in touch to arrange a chat with one of our team.

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