HotelHub Agency Booking Tool

HotelHub gives agencies access to their GDS and non-GDS hotels in a single application. By combining multiple suppliers’ rates in a single application and providing end-to-end booking workflow, HotelHub gives agents access to a wide range of hotels and rates. Booking non-GDS hotels using HotelHub is a simple process.

HotelHub is integrated with all GDS systems and has tools that enable seamless integration with the GDS terminal and the agent point-of-sale. The GDS integration enables HotelHub to book hotel segments in the Agency PNRs and this ensures agencies retain all their GDS incentives. Additionally, agencies retain 100% of any commission from non-GDS content suppliers. For HotelHub use we simply charge a transaction fee.

For hotels that cannot be booked online, HotelHub offers a complete workflow for managing offline bookings. Offline bookings can be processed by a frontline agent or queued to a specialist hotel desk if required.

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HotelHub Self Booking Platform

HotelHub self-booking tool allows travelling employees and support staff to book hotels directly. HotelHub provides access to over 1,000,000+ hotels around the World and to preferred hotels with negotiated rates. The system is immensely flexible and can be customised to suit each company’s requirements.

Companies with extensive global travel requirements can implement a single hotel booking tool and thereby standardise the procurement, booking and payment processes across the globe. Travellers who book online in HotelHub can contact their preferred agency for support should they wish to make changes to their hotel booking or cancel whilst travelling or directly access HotelHub from any device to make changes to their bookings.

The rich data capture in HotelHub gives customers detailed management information reports to support hotel RFP process and data to craft their corporate travel policy. HotelHub can be integrated with your intranet, expense management/HR system to provide transactional data. HotelHub supports multiple forms of payment including credit agreements with selected hotels, lodge cards, credit cards, single use virtual credit cards, bill-back or release time based guarantee.

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HotelHub API /Web Services

Open HotelHub Web Services is our interface to all hotel content in HotelHub. Open HotelHub (OHH) Web Services follows OTA ( standards. OHH allows agencies, corporate and technology partners to integrate extensive hotel content into any application of their choice.

OHH is integrated with multiple self-booking tools, agent applications, mobile applications and smart devices.

All the capabilities described in the agent and self-booking tool solutions can be built using the Open HotelHub Web Service. To find out more about Open HotelHub, please request more details.