Travel Managers

HotelHub for Travel Managers

As a corporate user, you can use HotelHub as a stand-alone hotel booking tool with your travel management company providing support services. Alternatively, we can recommend TMCs or hotel booking agents that will facilitate the use of HotelHub for your organisation. We will work with you and your agency to ensure HotelHub is implemented in a seamless manner and helps all parties optimise the booking process – eliminating costs from inefficient and outdated processes.

Your travel management company can access HotelHub over the Internet as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated into an existing front-office application. The TMC retains complete control over your GDS hotel bookings as HotelHub automatically updates existing PNRs with hotel transactions or creates new PNRs as required. For mid or back office integration or for MI or feeds for commission collection, HotelHub provide automated feeds with rich transaction data.

HotelHub is also available through most popular industry self-booking tools. Please contact us for further details .

The Benefits for Travel Managers

The benefits of HotelHub for Corporate Travel Managers are simple. You get:
  • Complete control over hotel bookings regardless of how the hotel is booked
  • A self-booking tool for travellers and travel arrangers to use as well as a TMC version
  • Maximum policy compliance and exception reporting
  • Efficient and dynamic hotel program management
  • Ability to drive business to preferred suppliers
  • A one-stop-shop experience for travellers when booking hotels via your TMC
  • Detailed reporting for supplier negotiations, compliance reporting, security and crisis management
  • Hotel RFP system and support
  • Integration with expense management systems

How HotelHub Works

Hotel suppliers are linked into the HotelHub platform through various levels of connectivity, from utilising a web-based extranet to fully automated PMS or CRS and GDS systems. HotelHub captures the most detailed level of information for management information reporting, administration and financial purposes.

All HotelHub content, GDS and non-GDS, is delivered in an integrated display to assist users in choosing hotel rates from all the alternatives available and enabling seamless bookings while being guided based on their search and corporate travel policy requirements.

Through its current interfaces, HotelHub features over 1,000,000+ unique properties around the world. Each property has a unique HotelHub ID, and is geo-coded for the search and mapping stages that guide the booking process.

All forms of hotel guarantee methods are supported including bill-back and where necessary, HotelHub can also include a payment gateway for processing credit card charges for customers booking merchant rates.

All bookings created and processed are held in a unique HotelHub record or “super PNR”, irrespective of the channel used for the booking. That record holds full details and history of the booking made and can be retrieved for future amendments, changes or audit.

The booking records are sent to customers’ mid and back offices for accounting, commission collection and invoicing purposes in various ways, either through the GDS PNR or through specific or customised file formats.

Detailed record information is also provided for customer and supplier management information, commission collection and auditing purposes.

HotelHub has been developed in .NET and Web 2.0 technology and this allows for efficient integration with self booking tools, portals, travel agency front, mid and back-office systems. This creates a one-stop-shop booking system eliminating the need to outsource to specialist hotel booking agencies or leakage to Internet based hotel booking websites.

This entire HotelHub platform follows a software-as-a-service model and is hosted in a highly secured and robust technical architecture environment for reliability, scalability, business continuity, data privacy and confidentiality.

Any hotel. Anywhere. Anytime

For more details about HotelHub, please request a free demonstration now.