HotelHub delivers value for TMCs by consolidating their GDS and non-GDS hotel content into a single platform. With this, TMCs can offer their customers, access to over 2 million hotels with rates from multiple suppliers, including major OTAs. Currently, HotelHub partners with three of the largest TMCs, which cater to Fortune 500 companies. Here’s why HotelHub is the top choice for TMCs:

HotelHub provides TMCs with hassle-free integration through any GDS system

Hassle-free integration through any GDS system

HotelHub provides over 500 different payment profiles for the billing

An offering of over 500 payment profiles for billing

HotelHub continuously performs R&D to provided TMCs with the best hotel booking solutions

Continuous R&D and Agile product development

HotelHub is a globally used B2B hotel booking system

One of the most globally used B2B hotel booking systems

Technologically advanced applications of HotelHub gives highly curated content based on agency and client preferences

Highly curated content based on agency and client preferences

HotelHub provides highly customisable solutions

In-depth customisation in record-time with a high deployment success rate

HotelHub increased the travel agent's efficiency by implementing an automated hotel booking process

Increased operational efficiency through automated booking processes

HotelHub records the bookings in GDS PNR even if booked through a different supplier

Bookings are recorded to a GDS PNR, irrespective of the supplier used for the booking

With a cloud-based system of HotelHub, bookings made via any device can be accessed and stored for future reference

Customised vouchers automated for the centralised profiles including language localisations

As a corporate user, you can use HotelHub as a stand-alone hotel booking tool with your Travel Management Company (TMC) providing support services. Alternatively, we can recommend TMCs or hotel booking agents that will facilitate the use of HotelHub for your organisation. We will work with you and your agency to ensure HotelHub is implemented in a seamless manner and help all parties optimise the booking process – eliminating costs from inefficient and outdated processes. The benefits of HotelHub for Corporate Travel Managers are simple:

With a cloud-based system of HotelHub, bookings made via any device can be accessed and stored for future reference

Efficient and dynamic hotel program management

Hotel listing algorithms written by HotelHub allows the preferred hotels to rise above in the list, resulting in their increased bookings

Ability to drive business to preferred suppliers

HotelHub provides corporates with Hotel RFP systems and support

Hotel RFP system and support

HotelHub provides corporates with integrated expense management systems for better financial administration

Integration with expense management systems

HotelHub provides corporates with policy compliance and exception reporting

Maximum policy compliance and exception reporting

Corporate travellers can cancel or modify the hotel bookings made from any device or agency with easy when booked with HotelHub

Complete control over hotel bookings regardless of how the hotel is booked

With the Self-booking tool of HotelHub travellers can book hotels for themselves

A self-booking tool for travellers and travel arrangers to use as well as a TMC version

HotelHub provides a one-stop-shop experience for travellers when booking hotels via TMC

A one-stop-shop experience for travellers when booking hotels via your TMC

HotelHub provides detailed reports for supplier negotiations, compliance reporting, security, and crisis management

Detailed reporting for supplier negotiations, compliance reporting, security and crisis management

HotelHub is designed for corporate hotel bookings. The system provides an easy way for business travel agencies (and TMCs) and corporate travellers to book any hotel anywhere in the world at any time. HotelHub has access to hotels in the GDS and multiple non-GDS channels. These are the reasons why you should choose HotelHub:

Registering with HotelHub extranet gives hotels access to corporate RFPs

Gain access to corporate RFPs

HotelHub extranet system provides an easy-to-use interface for hotels to add their details

Easily update your details, descriptions and pictures online through RFI

HotelHub extranet provides hotels with options to link through GDS or non-GDS interface

Have multiple ways to link up to HotelHub through GDS or non-GDS interfaces

HotelHub extranet system allows the hotel to manage and control rates, closeout dates, etc

Provide inventory and allotments, control your rates and closeout dates, & manage your promotions and distress inventory

Get a worldwide presence on registering with HotelHub extranet system

Be present in a worldwide booking system for large TMCs, and get a larger share of corporate bookings

Get access to low-cost CRS technology on registering with HotelHub extranet

Get access to efficient low cost CRS technology

Make your customers’ hotel search simpler, faster and more comprehensive with HotelHub’s API or turnkey-integrated web-based application. Our technology company partners use HotelHub to enhance their hotel offering by integrating API in their platforms. As a technology company, you’ll find HotelHub to be the perfect partner. That's because:

HotelHub comes with an experience of over 20 years in the hotel technology industry

20 years of niche experience from the hotel technology industry

Flexible booking module of HotelHub allows efficient integration with front, mid, and back-office systems

A flexible hotel booking module, allowing efficient integration with front, mid and back office system

HotelHub can control the access granted to hotels through a standard OTA interface

HotelHub can expose full or partial access to the hotel platform through standard OTA interfaces

HotelHub API can be easily integrated with OBT's application

The single HotelHub API makes it easier to develop and integrate with OBT’s application

HotelHub provides over 2 million hotels worldwide with geo-codes

HotelHub features over 2 million unique properties around the world, geo-coded for search with unique HotelHub IDs

HotelHub applications are highly intuitive and user-friendly

Access to a highly intuitive, user-friendly hotel reservation system based on search preferences and travel policy