Safe Travels: How to Prioritise Traveller Safety

When news of a new virus began coming out of China in late 2019, few would have anticipated the significance this would have on all our lives.


Yet, within a matter of weeks, the whole planet – and the entire travel industry – was effectively closed for business. Nothing like this had happened in at least 100 years.

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5 Tips for Hacker-Proof Passwords

Getting tactical with your password creation is a minor inconvenience compared to the potential consequences of having your accounts hacked.


And for travel management companies entrusted with the personal information of travellers across the world, it’s crucial that every employee plays their part in keeping systems secure.

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Room to Move: It’s Time to Take Control of Hotel Distribution

Hotel distribution has always been highly fragmented because the GDSs were primarily developed for TMCs to book airline content.


Although the GDSs gradually added hotel content, the internet and direct online booking had taken off in the meantime.

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How to Automate Hotel Re-Shopping with Rate Optimiser

A 'better' rate does not always have to be a lower rate. It could be the same as your current booking, but with additional amenities that will delight travellers.


Whatever ‘better’ looks like for you, finding these rates can be a somewhat haphazard process, requiring hours of manual effort. Searching sources for different rates.

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While Airlines Lean on Business Travel, TMCs Lean on Strategy

Here comes winter – in the northern hemisphere at least. And everyone in the travel sector knows that as the summer peak recedes and leisure travel demand drops, priorities tend to shift.


For airlines, the priority shifts away from tourism to business travel, as the days shorten in the northern half of the world.

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How is the Energy Crisis Impacting Business Travel?

In the UK, political and social discourse has been rushing like whitewater; no sooner has one crisis peaked than another looms large. One of those crises – and probably the biggest for many – is the energy crisis. But the UK is not alone, or uniquely affected by the rising cost of power production.


It’s happening everywhere.

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The Next 5 Years: What Will Business Travel (and its Tech) Look Like?

The world never stops changing, but the last few years have been absolutely extraordinary.


With new challenges ahead, what do the next five years look like for business travel, and the technology that drives it?

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How to Make a Group Hotel Booking with HotelHub

With HotelHub, making a group booking is super simple, allowing up to nine travellers to be booked at the same time.


It’s one of the key pieces of travel tech that’s become a massive time-saver for agents and TMCs – and in this post, we’ll run through the step by step process of how to make a group booking with HotelHub.

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How to Use Virtual Cards for Business Travel Payments

Virtual cards, or Vcards, have been around for a while, but they haven't always been user-friendly or easy to integrate.


With Vcard use for business travel expected to increase, we dive into the payment technology and the benefits and best practices for using them.

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TMCs are Facing Labour Shortages. It’s Time to Tool for Success

Travel Management Companies are struggling to plug a recruitment gap, which is quickly widening into a chasm.


We take a look at what’s happening, what challenges are arising – and what TMCs can do about it.

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Does Bleisure Travel Make Business Sense?

Bleisure. It’s a fairly new word, but not such a new concept. Mixing business with leisure is practically unavoidable, because employees and executives should rightly have free time outside of their working periods, even when travelling.


We explore this latest business travel trend and whether it makes business sense for corporates.

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How To Arrange Travel For Your Boss

Travelling for work isn’t like travelling for a holiday. Well, even sorting out personal travel can be pretty stressful sometimes.

Business travel adds a new level, though, and even more to think about. And just because your boss seems to be living the high life, all that travelling for business is exhausting.

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Business Travel Tech: Best-in-class Vs All-in-one Tools

It puts just about every tool you could want in a single piece of equipment. It’s all there, at the point of need – you don’t have to carry anything else. The convenience is unmatched, and the flexibility of a tool made of tools is so glaringly obvious, that it has been replicated time and again.

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How Business Travel Tech Saves Time, Hassle – and Money

Business travel has never been more enabled by technology.

We take it for granted – but tech has completely transformed the way we book, manage, and track business travel.

Personnel now have greater control and access to their itineraries – and the whole process has been made more streamlined.

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How Does HotelHub Work?

Your introduction to the world’s most powerful hotel booking software.

HotelHub makes TMCs more profitable, efficient, and accountable – while giving corporate clients the best experience and value. Here’s how we do it: HotelHub gives TMCs access to non-GDS and GDS hotel content, by connecting APIs from multiple content providers into one, single source of truth.

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Business Travel, Two Years Later: Moving On from Lockdown

The world has lived with covid for more than two years now.

It still – even after more than two years of covid – feels surreal. But there’s finally some hope. Lockdowns, at least in most parts of the world, seem to be a thing of the past. Business travel is back.

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Booking Business Travel: A Travel Manager’s Guide

The business travel market is absolutely huge. But it’s all broken up into little pieces: flights, transfers, car rentals, meeting spaces, hotel bookings, expenses management – it’s so fragmented. For Travel Managers, Executive Assistants and Finance teams, it can be hard enough to arrange business travel for one person, let alone a group or multiple itineraries.

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6 Top Hotel Tips for Business Travellers

Booking a corporate trip can be difficult, especially these days when you have endless options to choose from and what seems like continuously increasing, ever-changing travel complexities. Working with some of the largest travel management companies in the world, at HotelHub we understand the challenges travellers experience when booking hotels for business trips.

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Rebooting Business Travel – How Hotel Booking Tech Can Debug Buyers’ Travel Programmes

If out-of-policy hotel bookings still plague your travel programme even after spending months vetting lodging suppliers to align with your ESG objectives, establishing service level agreements and negotiating inclusive rates to improve trip quality and travel experience...

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Smart Talking - How TMCs Can Take Control of the Hotel Distribution Ecosystem

“TMCs need to take a smarter approach to their hotel strategy in 2022 and beyond by adopting technology that gives them control over the highly-fragmented hotel distribution eco-system, for the benefit of their corporate customers as well as their own bottom line"...

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6 Top Hotel Booking Tips for Corporate Travel Agents

Business travel has been completely turned on its head over the last couple of years and, as the industry continues its recovery, travel management companies need to be prepared for when corporate travel demand returns.

Experts at HotelHub have listed top tips for corporate travel agents booking for their corporate customers.

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