Business Travel, Two Years Later: Moving On from Lockdown

The world has lived with covid for more than two years now.

It still – even after more than two years of covid – feels surreal. But there’s finally some hope. Lockdowns, at least in most parts of the world, seem to be a thing of the past. Business travel is back.

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Booking Business Travel: A Travel Manager’s Guide

The business travel market is absolutely huge. But it’s all broken up into little pieces: flights, transfers, car rentals, meeting spaces, hotel bookings, expenses management – it’s so fragmented. For Travel Managers, Executive Assistants and Finance teams, it can be hard enough to arrange business travel for one person, let alone a group or multiple itineraries.

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6 Top Hotel Tips for Business Travellers

Booking a corporate trip can be difficult, especially these days when you have endless options to choose from and what seems like continuously increasing, ever-changing travel complexities. Working with some of the largest travel management companies in the world, at HotelHub we understand the challenges travellers experience when booking hotels for business trips.

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Rebooting Business Travel – How Hotel Booking Tech Can Debug Buyers’ Travel Programmes

If out-of-policy hotel bookings still plague your travel programme even after spending months vetting lodging suppliers to align with your ESG objectives, establishing service level agreements and negotiating inclusive rates to improve trip quality and travel experience, the answer could lie in your TMC’s booking technology.

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Smart Talking - How TMCs Can Take Control of the Hotel Distribution Ecosystem

“TMCs need to take a smarter approach to their hotel strategy in 2022 and beyond by adopting technology that gives them control over the highly-fragmented hotel distribution eco-system, for the benefit of their corporate customers as well as their own bottom line,” says Eric Meierhans, Chief Commercial Officer at HotelHub.

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6 Top Hotel Booking Tips for Corporate Travel Agents

Business travel has been completely turned on its head over the last couple of years and, as the industry continues its recovery, travel management companies need to be prepared for when corporate travel demand returns.

Experts at HotelHub have listed top tips for corporate travel agents booking for their corporate customers.

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