NEW SOLUTION: Rate Optimiser Launches

Sam Gilbertson

Written by Sam Gilbertson

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29 June, 2021

NEW SOLUTION: Rate Optimiser Launches

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Rate Optimiser solution which promises to maximise both productivity and revenue by turning manual price checking into a fully automated process. 

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it’s the end-to-end solution that all travel management companies need.

Secure the best room tariff easily with Rate Optimiser

Rate Optimiser dynamically tracks prices of hotel bookings and alerts you of better rates when available.  

As soon as the booking has been made, it starts working in the background to seek the best rates, right up until the free cancellation deadline.

Always the best rate for YOU

Our advanced AI and ML technology-based solution ensures the most optimum hotel rate is suggested to users – whether that is a lower rate, improved amenities or better levels of commission.

Your preferred upgrade and downgrade attributes can be easily configured so that Rate Optimiser always looks for the perfect rate for your travellers.

Rebook with just one click

Rate Optimiser comes with a built-in rebooking feature which, upon confirmation, cancels the existing booking and rebooks new accommodation without any manual intervention.

The customisable auto-rebook feature can also ensure rebooked details are instantly shared. 

Track your journey with Rate Optimiser

Rate Optimiser’s comprehensive monthly report compiles all the data for you in an easy-to-use format where it displays all the successful re-bookings, savings achieved – and the missed opportunities – to help you refine your hotel strategy. 

All this information can be further filtered by hotel chain, brand and property.

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