Corporate travellers can book their hotels and choose from over 2 M choices by using HotelHub Self-booking platform

HotelHub Self-booking Tool

Book any hotel,
anywhere at anytime

HotelHub Self-booking Tool

Book any hotel,
anywhere at anytime

HotelHub self-booking tool empowers travelling employees and support staff to book hotels directly.  The intuitive, user friendly interface is compatible with mobile and desktops and is the gateway to over 2 million hotels around the world and to preferred hotels with negotiated rates. Companies with extensive global travel requirements can implement a single hotel booking tool and thereby standardise the procurement, booking and payment processes across the globe.

Travel Arranger

‘Travel Arranger’ feature with an option to book for self or as a designated arranger for assigned travellers.


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Traveller can book a hotel for self or act as a travel arranger by using the self-booking platform.

Map View

Hotel locations and Office locations


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With a self-booking platform check the hotel's location and office location on the map

Self Booking Tool

  • Self-booking tool for employee and travel managers with approval workflow management.
  • Access from mobile, desktop or tablets.
  • Guest reviews available from public and fellow corporate travellers.
  • Policy Compliance, Reporting, and Expense Management for corporates.
  • Corporate Profiling with User Defined Interface Data (UDIDs) defined to capture travellers’ cost centres, departments, designation and billing branch.


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The self-booking platform of HotelHub provides policy compliance, reporting, and expense management for corporates
Self-booking tool helps users choose the best deal by displaying customer feedback from the public and corporate travellers Self-booking tool allows the user to access the application from the desktop, tablet, and mobile on the go.

HotelHub ChatBot

  • HotelHub ChatBot is a smart combination of intelligent API’s and is designed to give agents and customers a superior travel management experience.
  • The HotelHub ChatBot will provide information on local events at the travel destination during the travel period. This will help in better demand planning for the traveller/corporates and enable an option to register for such events if desired.
  • Assist traveller and their travel manager in emergency situations.
  • The ChatBot provides support to users in all stages of booking.


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With HotelHub chatbot get superior customer support and access to information that will help better demand planning.

Salient features of the HotelHub Self Booking Tool

Wide choice of GDS and non GDS travel inventory to choose from

Hassle free hotel bookings adhering to the respective corporate travel policies, approvals, budget and personalised preferences

Independently book, modify, cancel or approve hotels from anywhere without agents’ intervention

Traveller Risk management solution built in

Event APIs to update trending news on the hotel location, through phone and app

Ease of integration to intranet, expense management or HR systems