Provides an end to end hotel booking solution for TMCs by integrating both GDS and non-GDS content

HotelHub Agency Booking Tool

Generate and retain 100% supplier revenue

HotelHub Agency Booking Tool

Generate and retain 100% supplier revenue

The HotelHub Agency Booking Tool is an intuitive web application that combines multiple supplier rates across GDS and non-GDS on a single application and provides end-to-end booking workflow for a wider choice and efficiency. The platform is seamlessly integrated with all GDS systems to allow bookings with Agency PNRs. This way, you retain all GDS incentives. With non-GDS hotel suppliers, you retain 100% of the commission generated. We simply charge a fee on the transactions.
Hotels which cannot be booked online, HotelHub offers a complete workflow for managing offline bookings. Offline bookings can be processed by a frontline agent or queued to a specialist hotel desk if required.


Search includes Google search, Map search, Airport codes, City names, Hotel name, Customer office locations, My destinations (User saved) with Offer IDs. We offer over 2 million unique hotels worldwide catering to all business policies and requirements.

  • Multiple search criteria
  • Covering 2M+ hotels
  • Travel Policy compliant solution


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Multiple search filters are provided by HotelHub to the travel agent to obtain better results

Guest Reviews

The HotelHub platform integrates an easy to consume customer rating & review feature, enabling agents and travellers take faster and informed decisions while booking hotels from more than 2 million choices, across the globe. This feature can capture various configurable rating parameters, such as: Service, Value, Cleanliness, Location, Rooms, Fitness center, Hotel amenities etc. which helps the in choosing the right hotel with confidence.


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Check customer feedback to make better corporate hotel booking decisions

Room Normalisation

HotelHub booking tools analyse rooms and rates returned by the different suppliers and de-dupes the identical search results to display each room type only once.

Our normalisation engine displays the room description, and other information in a standardised format, making it easier for users to compare options received from multiple suppliers.

Key Features

  • Makes booking decision 50% faster
  • Normalised output for ease of comparison
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Automated mapping solution


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Room normalisation technique prevents the same room type from appearing more than once in HotelHub hotel listing

Hotel Preferences

Key Features

  • Hotels can be listed according to ‘Agency Preferred’ and/or ‘Client Preferred’ pre-built logic. In addition, the ‘Distance’ is another criterion for ranking. Hotel rates can be displayed in any currency, along with a pre-built currency converter for easy comparison
  • Customisable rate categories based on ‘Agency Preferred’, ‘Client Preferred’ and public rates are available to enable agents to make booking decisions faster.
  • Hotels can be filtered by Price, Star Rating, Guest Reviews, Brand, Chain, Hotel Name, Location, Address, Distance, and Amenities.


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Multiple criteria available for ranking the hotels: agency preferred, client preferred, Distance, etc


The HotelHub Agency Booking Tool comes with an in-built Mixpanel dashboard which provides you with relevant data required for critical business decisions. Mixpanel helps TMC business analysts track and evaluate various booking flows, conduct A/B tests, and optimise resource performance based on user behaviour. The easy to consume reports help identify improvement opportunities through its interactive user interface.


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Mixpanel dashboard

Salient features of the HotelHub Agency Booking Tool

Access to GDS and non GDS content on a single platform

Streamlined to retain all the GDS and Non GDS agency incentives and commissions, helps mitigate revenue leakage

Agency and Corporate preferred rates and preferences in one place

Seamless integration with any GDS terminal and the agent point-of-sale, enables bookings with Agency PNRs

Scalable to virtual payment providers and Mid-office/Back-office system integrations

Intuitive reporting module for Agencies and Corporates for KPI and proposition management

Easy to use workflow including a complete workflow for managing offline bookings