Integrate with HotelHub's hotel content and turn their application into a hotel booking application.

HotelHub API/Web Services

Turn any application into a hotel reservations app

HotelHub API/Web Services

Turn any application into a hotel reservations app

The HotelHub REST based API is our interface to all hotel content in HotelHub. It allows agencies, corporates, and technology partners the power to integrate our hotel content with any application of their choice. The solution allows integration with self-booking tools, agent applications, mobile apps and smart devices.
HotelHub API is simple, prompt, stable, intuitive, and scalable. It’s high performing interface accesses multiple sources of hotel content including GDSs, OTAs and hotel bed-banks.
The interface is built on a micro services architecture to keep up with your growing business and provides a gateway to the largest network of hotel suppliers.

Main Features

  • Single orchestrated API calls for getting more intuitive responses easier and faster.
  • Stateless, Simple, Secure and fast API built in REST 2.0 with no schema dependency
  • Allows child, multi-room and multi-passenger bookings
  • Readily available technical documentation and guides


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Using REST-based API of HotelHub, perform child, multi-room, and multi-passenger bookings.

Developer's Sandbox

Sandbox environment for developers to test and analyse new features or API calls before implementation.


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The developers at HotelHub use the sandbox environment to test and analyse new features before implementing it.


  • Global-scale business travel technology in one API.
  • Suggests frequently booked hotels and alternative hotels in case the desired hotels and rates are unavailable
  • Develop and release with confidence, simple version controls
  • Enables improved customer experience by displaying fastest channels availability responses
  • Cost-effective with continuous performance monitoring.


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HotelHub API interface is built on microservice architecture enabling to develop and release simple version controls.

Salient features of the HotelHub API/Web Services

Easy to develop and integrate with your unique system in terms of development process and complexity level

Improved Performance giving you an competitive edge over others in the industry

Updated and secure APIs to keep you on the go

Uninterrupted migration because of the way our APIs are developed and designed

Streamlined version control for your personalised upgradation at your own pace