Rate Optimiser checks for lower rates and notifies the users when better rates are found

HotelHub Rate Optimiser

Secure the best room tariff easily with Rate Optimiser

HotelHub Rate Optimiser

Secure the best room tariff easily with Rate Optimiser


Rate Optimiser is a HotelHub solution that dynamically tracks prices of hotel bookings and alerts you of better rates when available. It continuously looks for lower rates right from the time the booking has been made until the existing booking is cancellable without penalty. Our advanced AI and ML technology-based solution ensures the most optimum hotel rate is suggested to users and eliminates manual price checks.
Rate Optimiser comes with a built-in rebooking feature which, upon confirmation, cancels the existing booking and rebooks new accommodation without any manual intervention. The rebooked details are instantly shared, thus providing an end to end solution benefitting TMCs and corporates in managing their costs and employee productivity.


Rate Optimiser sends notifications to the user when a lower rate for the same or similar room is found.

The number of times the user gets notified for rebooking can be customised as per the user’s preference.

Track your journey with Rate Optimiser right from the booking till the completion of the journey. Rate Optimiser’s comprehensive monthly report compiles all the data for you in an easy-to-use format where it displays all the successful re-bookings, savings achieved, and missed opportunities. All this information can be further filtered by hotel chain, brand, and property.


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Comprehensive monthly report displaying savings and missed opportunities


In cases where a lower price or upgrade needs to be reviewed, Rate Optimiser sends a price saving alert to the agent and traveller through email and browser notifications. Once a confirmation is received, Rate Optimiser will create a new booking and automatically cancel the existing one. On successful rebooking, new details are sent to the agent and traveller over email.

  • Notifications are sent when lower rates or upgrades are available, as well as on a successful rebooking.
  • Users can directly book or upgrade hotels from the notifications.
  • The number of times the user is notified for rebooking can be customised according to preferences.


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Price drops and savings alerts sent through browser and email notifications

Salient features of HotelHub Rate Optimiser

Based on a sophisticated rule engine, Rate Optimiser dynamically tracks prices to find a better deal for you

Track hotel prices without booking using the HotelHub booking tool for agents and travellers

Instant notifications are sent to the user alerting them on the price drops and potential savings

Built-in rebooking workflow from any channel (GDS and non-GDS)

Fully configurable settings to accommodate any business rules (e.g. savings or revenue threshold, supplier optimisation, etc)

Easily consumable monthly report to analyse savings and missed savings opportunities

Shop and compare for lower rates until the cancellation policy of the existing booking permits

Traveller’s accommodation preference criteria is at the forefront while doing the rate comparison and optimisation

Administrative function to define the rules and preferences for rate optimisation

Enables rate tracking from non-GDS channels as well, even if the original rate was booked through GDS

Rate Optimiser is also enabled for OBT bookings

Option to select automatic or manual rebooking